Libopencm3 Library

Libopencm3 is a library that supports various ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. See for more information.

The examples in the project directory are taken from libopencm3-examples and adapted to work on the ARMinARM board.

First, choose 'Update/Install libopencm3-prj' from the 'setup' menu.

The libopencm3 library is compiled by the '' script. If you want to do this manually:

cd src/libopencm3
make lib/stm32/f1
Then 'cd' to the directory of the project you want to edit or upload and run 'make':
cd projects/blink
Or, if you want to see what's happening:
make V=1

Upload the resulting .bin file with the 'arminarm' tool.

arminarm flash blink.bin