Libraries for the ARMinARM board

The ARMinARM board can be used with a variety of different libraries. It's up to you how you want to use your board and what software you want to run on it.

Currently, the following projects/libraries are supported:

For debugging, you can use:

You can run low level 'bare metal' code with or without the help of CMSIS, the StdPeriph library or libopencm3. You can debug your code with either OpenOCD's sysfsgpio interface on the Raspberry Pi itself, or attach an external ST-LinkV2 compatible debugger and use stlink.

A little bit easier to program would be to use the libmaple library. Libmaple is developed by Leaflabs, and uses the same syntax as Arduino. You'll write c and/or c++, but if you're familiar with Arduino, you'll feel right at home.

A precompiled eLua binary (and the source code) is provided for those into Lua.

And then there's Espruino. A fairly new project, but very promising. Event based programming in javascript. It doesn't get easier than that.

In general -unless specifically stated otherwise- these projects are already in, or downloaded to the 'arminarm/src' directory. After you've selected the project to Install/Update in 'setup' and it has finished downloading and updating, navigate to the project in the 'src' directory, and run 'make'. For example:

cd src/CMSIS_StdPeriph/examples/leds

Upload the resulting .bin file with the 'arminarm' tool.

arminarm flash build/leds.bin